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Keep Sea Blue

Plastic-free Mediterranean Sea | Recovered Seaside Plastic

plastic-free recycle keep sea blue

Keep Sea Blue

Our goal is to increase the collection of plastic waste from at-risk Mediterranean coastal areas & turn it to Certified Recovered Seaside Plastic.

Η εταιρεία

Big problems require Big solutions

The leakage of plastics in the marine environment harms ocean life with potentially negative impacts on human health. At Keep Sea Blue we take a proactive approach to dealing with the issue of marine plastic pollution by focusing our efforts on preventing plastic from entering the sea in the first place.

Why? Because once plastic enters the water, it may be already too late

It is very difficult to almost impossible
to recover plastic from the sea at a scale large enough to make a meaningful difference. That is especially true, when plastic sits down on the sea bottom or breaks down into pieces, after staying in the water for a long-time.

Although plastic does not biodegrade easily
it does degrade in the marine environment due to the effects of UV-light, oxygen, water, and other factors making it unsuitable for recycling.

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